Biden To Finish Construction on Trump’s Wall in Arizona

Biden To Finish Construction on Trump's Wall in Arizona

Biden CAVES IN – Approves Work on Trump’s Biggest Project!

( – Since President Joe Biden took office in January 2021, the United States has experienced a record-breaking number of illegal immigrants entering the country. During the 2020 presidential campaign, the challenger often labeled former President Donald Trump’s policies as immoral and unethical. Yet, human trafficking, drug cartels, and immigration numbers exploded under the Democrat’s leadership.

In 2019, Trump signed an emergency declaration to divert funds from the Treasury and Defense Departments to erect fencing along the nation’s southern perimeter. In one of his first acts, Biden canceled the remaining portions of the wall construction along the US and Mexico border. Now, it appears the executive branch is backtracking, after it left 350 miles of partition unfinished, and criminal immigration is out of control ahead of the midterm elections.

Biden Administration To Finish Part of Arizona Barrier

On Thursday, July 28, The Washington Examiner compiled data from the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) that showed in 2019, the CBP arrested approximately 1,000 illegal immigrants per month. Since October 2021, agents have apprehended at least 20,000 migrants every month and sometimes as many as 30,000. The problem is so pronounced in Arizona that vulnerable Democratic Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ) has begged the executive branch to continue building the wall in parts of his state. On Thursday, the Senator said the administration agreed to complete part of the project.

The Examiner said after the POTUS halted the construction, illegal immigration increased significantly in the Yuma region. Gaps between sections of the barrier act as a funnel. Closing it could reduce the flow of migrants into the area and enable CBP to use staffing in other vitally needed areas.

Did Politics Influence the Decision?

Sen. Kelly is considered one of several highly vulnerable senate Democrats this year. In an evenly-divided Senate, losing a seat could transfer power back to the Republicans, concerning many on the Left.

On July 28, Kelly issued a statement thanking the administration after he said he pushed them for months. The Arizona Senator relayed the Morelos Dam was an operational challenge for the CBP. Closing it, he stated, would help secure the border and make citizens safer. After ignoring illegal immigration over the last 18 months, the lawmaker noted he wanted to ensure the state has all the resources it needs to stem the flow of unlawful migration, including the wall.

The Examiner stated Kelly’s office noted the government plans to award a contract in September.

So, did Biden just admit that immigration is out of control by agreeing to finish part of the barricade? Or is it a political stunt to help Kelly’s re-election chances?

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