Biden to Lift Title 42 Policy That Calls for Deportation

Biden to Lift Title 42 Policy That Calls for Deportation

( – While the media focuses on the Russian war in Ukraine and the crushing inflation affecting most Americans, illegal immigration is still as serious a problem as it was a year ago, if not worse. According to the US Border Patrol, fiscal year 2021 broke an all-time record for encounters with illegal immigrants. Now, the situation could get even worse.

On March 30, the White House confirmed that the Biden administration will end a program called Title 42, which is a public health directive issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Created under the Trump administration in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the public health order empowers the border patrol to arrest and expel illegal immigrants immediately from the country. The Left has criticized the administration for using Title 42. Now the administration is preparing for an onslaught of illegal immigrants from Central America.

Administration Prepares to End Title 42

On Wednesday, March 30, the Wall Street Journal got a sneak peek of a new draft measure ordering the end of Title 42. The CDC says it’s time to rescind its order, stating that migrants no longer present a serious COVID-19 danger in detention facilities. The public health agency said the order’s implementation wouldn’t go into effect until May 23 so that the Department of Homeland Security can prepare for a sharp rise in border crossings.

On Wednesday, White House communications director Kate Bedingfield told reporters that the administration is preparing for numerous scenarios. She said the government knows there will be an influx of people at the southern border. She repeated a tagline from the 2020 presidential race that the administration will treat illegal immigrants humanely and fairly — a clear slap directed at the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance to illegal immigration.

On March 10, Buzzfeed News obtained documents from DHS officials who warned the US Border Patrol would begin using old protocols to process illegal immigrants without Title 42. Officials said it will strain the agency’s resources even more and lead to a potential humanitarian situation in northern Mexico.

Could the Southern Border Be Overrun?

According to a National Review analysis of government data, Border Patrol agents encountered 2,033,863 migrants at the southern border in 2021. Of them, officers apprehended 1.9 million. The 2021 figures were more than double that of 2019.

The number of encounters is the highest in over 20 years.

In February, the CBP reported that agents encountered 164,973 illegal immigrants on the southwest land border in February alone. Out of them, CBP said it deported 91,513 under Title 42.

Get ready. If the illegal immigration trend was upward with Title 42, the number of illegal immigrants could explode further later in the spring and summer once it’s gone.

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