Biden to Undo Trump’s Immigration Policies

Biden to Undo Trump's Immigration Policies

( – The US economy is limping along, and many Americans are struggling due to ongoing shutdowns and economic hardships brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Department of Labor, as of January 9, over 18 million Americans collected unemployment benefits. In addition, Moody Analytics reports that 10 million renters on average are $5,600 behind on payments. Yet, President Biden is pushing ahead with controversial immigration reforms that could incentivize more “illegal” immigration.

Over the last two weeks, Biden moved hard left, despite claims he was a moderate. In three executive orders (EOs) expected sometime on Tuesday, February 2, Biden will undo several of former President Trump’s immigration orders. The courts already blocked the president’s 100-day pause on deportations. Now, more court action is likely on the way.

Biden Prepares to Sign 3 Immigration Orders

During President Trump’s first term, the administration created what they called “merit-based” immigration policies. The idea is that people coming to America from other countries should contribute to the United States to make both the nation stronger and the immigrant better off than they were in their home country. Additionally, asylum programs with Mexico and Central American countries were designed to ensure laws in all countries were followed and prevent human trafficking and family separations.

It seems Biden is intent on undoing positive immigration reforms put in place by Trump.

The three orders include:

Regional Migration

This EO aims to stop the flow of migrants from Central America to the US southern border. However, those policies were in place under the Trump administration. The Trump administration signed deals with Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador that provided the financial resources for law enforcement and security so long as they prevented caravans and groups from leaving for America’s southern border.

This leads to the second order.

Legal Immigration System

To curtail illegal immigration, the Trump administration made it difficult for those not in the US to obtain social welfare benefits such as Medicaid, food stamps, and housing vouchers. Biden is seeking to undo those policies and make it easier for people to enter the naturalization process.

Reunifying Families

Under this order, Biden will create a task force to reunite parents and legal guardians separated at the border. A report presented by the Washington Examiner, a pilot program in El Paso and McAllen, TX, details how rapid DNA tests showed 30% of illegals with kids were not the parents or legal guardians and adults misrepresented their relationships with the children to game the system.

For thousands of kids, it may be impossible to reunite them. The problem could get even worse as the Biden administration puts in policies that encourage the behavior.

It’s hard to rationalize why Biden would undo Trump’s immigration policies. The president claims he shares the desired outcome of less “illegal” immigration. However, the tried-and-true policies he’s reincarnating from the Obama administration will likely result in just the opposite.

Expect new lawsuits in the coming days from Texas.

The next six months to a year will be pivotal for immigration policy in the United States. Stay tuned!

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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