Biden Wants to “Help” Americans By Bringing in Russians

Biden Wants to

Look Who Biden Wants To Bring Into America

( – America is enduring the worst inflation in 40 years. The value of one’s dollar continues to go down while housing costs and the price of food and gasoline spike to all-time highs. If President Joe Biden gets his way, he could make things worse for everyone.

On Thursday, April 28, Biden sent an emergency supplemental funding request to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). While the thrust of the proposal was to aid Ukraine, the Biden administration also recommended revising section 203(b)(2) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. If approved by Congress, the law would allow the administration to import untold numbers of Russians into the US under the guise of helping America. The reality is that the move would be asking US college graduates to compete with Russians for jobs, housing, etc.

Biden Wants to Import Russians to Compete With Americans

According to the request, if a US employer sponsors a Russian STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) professional, they can come to the United States on a green card. The administration believes importing Russian professionals would undercut Russia’s ability to innovate its economy. Thus, it would benefit US national security and America, but would it?

Mark Krikorian is the director of the Center for Immigration Studies. He told Breitbart News the message the Biden administration is sending US workers is the government wants them to suffer greater wage depression. Other market analysts suggest that adding hundreds of thousands or millions of Russians would contribute to an already difficult housing market and could cause housing and rental prices to continue rising.

Adding Russian immigrants to the market would exacerbate an existing problem, considering US college graduates are competing with 1.5 million college-trained workers from India, China, and other countries. These foreign workers are willing to take less pay than Americans, many of whom face crushing student loan debt amidst the rising inflation for goods and services across the board.

US Corporate Outsourcing Hurting Americans

The federal government already allows corporations to outsource cheap labor through foreign countries. According to a 2021 Census Bureau study, non-STEM jobs employed 62% of college-educated workers who majored in a STEM field. The Census Bureau said the path for STEM careers was extremely narrow, and only 7% of those who majored in science, technology, engineering, or math would end up in their profession of study. Worse still, salaries in STEM fields have either declined or stagnated since 2000.

What’s behind this move to supposedly help Americans but is actually hurting them? Far-left Rep. Rohit Khanna (D-CA) told the New York Times that achieving a multi-racial, multi-ethnic superpower would be an incredible achievement. Perhaps so, but at what cost?

Once again, it appears the Biden administration places helping people from other countries above assisting Americans who are struggling just to get by.

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