Biden’s Approval Ratings Tank Again, and Voter’s Highly Disapproved of Russia Handling

Biden's Approval Ratings Tank Again, and Voter's Highly Disapproved of Russia Handling

( – President Joe Biden, White House colleagues, and congressional Democrats appear to be wandering in the desert by themselves. Over the last six months, they’ve done everything possible to abandon most Americans. In January 2021, they were so optimistic that they had the power to transform America’s economy, society, and government. It appears they not only exercised a mandate they didn’t have, but they also blew any chance of uniting a deeply divided country.

Of course, uniting the country was never the Democrat’s objective. In the 2020 presidential election, Biden perpetrated misinformation on the American people. His platform yelled he was a far-left candidate to anyone who would read it or report on it, but he told America he was a moderate. After one year in office, the president and Democrats are reeling. They’ve lost the trust of the majority of Americans. Once again, a new poll on Biden’s approval rating sunk to new lows. Still, another poll shows Biden has lost a deep blue state. As things devolve between Ukraine and Russia, Americans aren’t delighted with Biden’s response.

Biden Loses America on Every Issue

On February 21, Gallup released a damaging poll to Biden and Democrats’ electoral prospects this coming November. Overall, 41% of voters approved, and 55% disapproved of Biden’s job performance. However, on key issues important to voters, he’s in deep trouble:

  • 52% disapprove / 47% approve of his handling of the pandemic.
  • 62% disapprove /37% approve of his handling of the economy.
  • 55% disapprove / 36% approve of his handling on the Ukraine/Russia conflict

Biden’s challenges with voters started during the August military withdrawal from Afghanistan. They have continually gotten worse since then. In February 2021, Biden’s approval was 57%.

While Biden continues to do well among Democrats, he still lost 10 points from early in his term when 90% approved. Now, it’s down to 80%, and Republicans only give him a 7% approval. Still, Biden’s biggest problem is with Independents, who only give him a 35% approval rating. In February 2021, he scored a respectable 61% among non-party affiliated voters.

Will the escalation between Russia and Ukraine hurt Biden even more? On Wednesday, February 23, former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley (R-SC) said Biden is failing in his response to the growing crisis and demonstrating he’s not up to the leadership challenge.

Biden Loses Blue State

New York is as blue and liberal as they come. Now, the president has lost support there as well. A Siena College poll among New Yorkers saw his favorability drop below 50% in the Empire State for the first time. His approval among New Yorkers is now 48%, down from 52% in January and 55% a year ago.

Inflation was the largest driver of Biden’s decline for New York voters. Not surprisingly, over 90% said inflation is having a somewhat serious negative impact on the economy, and 63% said it’s very serious. That’s up from 49% who said inflation was very serious in December.

So, what does this mean for America?

If trends continue to hold, it could be a major shellacking for Democrats in the November midterm elections. If Russia escalates into a war in Ukraine and energy prices explode further, it could cause inflation to soar even higher. The White House has been preparing Americans for that reality and asked them to sacrifice for Democracy.

The question is, is that really what Biden and Democrats are asking of America, and will they respond?

We’ll find out soon enough.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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