Biden’s Border Disaster Leads to Nearly 750 Deaths in Under a Year

Biden's Border Disaster Leads to Nearly 750 Deaths in Under a Year

Biden DISASTER – Hundreds Of Deaths Linked

( – The border crisis still rages on more than 18 months after President Joe Biden took office. While Border Patrol is doing its job and apprehending as many undocumented immigrants as agents can, there’s another problem. Migrants continue to risk their lives to gain access to the US.

On September 1, Border Patrol revealed nine immigrants had drowned while trying to cross the Rio Grande River in southern Texas. The river had swelled several feet after days of rain. The swift current dragged the migrants away while they were trying to cross.

Days later, on September 8, Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens shared a video on Twitter showing agents rescuing a group of five migrants, including what appeared to be at least one child. The chief asked people to stop entering the water to come to America because it could cost them their lives. “Don’t Cross Illegally!” he exclaimed.

According to reports, there were 748 confirmed migrant deaths as of September 7 this fiscal year. That’s more than 200 more than the number of people who lost their lives in 2021, and it only tabulates the recorded deaths. Some migrants cross through the desert, and authorities never recover their bodies. Additionally, other agencies might find bodies and not report them to the Department of Homeland Security, meaning the number of deaths could be higher.

While people continue to die, Biden’s administration seems to be doing little to solve the crisis.

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