Biden’s Campaign Tactics Are a Recipe For Failure

Does Biden Expect to Lose?

( – America is unsettled. Over the Labor Day weekend, violent riots continued, fired FBI Agent Peter Strozk was on TV alleging President Trump is working with the Russians again, and the firestorm around Trump’s “supposed” comments about veterans who died for their country endured for a few more days. Meanwhile, battleground polls are tightening and, in the suburbs, Democratic political operatives are growing uneasy as Trump’s law and order message may be sticking.

On Monday, September 7, Democratic nominee Joe Biden hit the campaign trail. Instead of pressing the president on his vulnerabilities, Biden is, shockingly, attacking Trump’s strengths, which also happens to be the former vice president’s weaknesses.

Is it a winning strategy?

If it is, it’s a long shot. It suggests that Biden’s campaign may know something the media polls don’t. Perhaps in a conventional campaign, the former VP would try different strategies and tactics. However, Donald Trump is not a traditional president, and America is living in extraordinary times.

Biden Tries to Flip the Narrative

On Monday, Biden asked voters in Pittsburgh, “are you safe in Donald Trump’s America?” That’s a risky question. It could invite scrutiny that neither Biden nor his team wants. Biden’s ultimate goal is to turn Trump’s law and order messaging against him.

However, Biden has serious problems on this front.

First, his argument is not a real argument; it’s leverage against the voter. He seems to be saying that a vote for Trump empowers the rioters. If the public wants it to stop, then they shouldn’t vote for Trump. Asking people to vote against something is rarely a good strategy, and manipulating them is risky.

Second, Biden claims it’s Trump who is “fanning the flames of hate.” However, when the Trump administration agreed to scale back the federal law enforcement presence in Portland, OR, the violence didn’t cease. In fact, Democratic mayors who vehemently oppose the president are being forced to find new places to live as rioters protest them at their homes. This suggests the issue isn’t Trump, but another agenda altogether.

Third, the federal government does not enforce state and local laws. They don’t have that authority. Instead, it’s the Democratic governors and mayors who have created the policies fueling the flames. They called it the “summer of love” and the rioters “peaceful protestors.” They allowed autonomous zones and refused to enforce the law to protect innocent people and businesses.

Did Trump ask local officials to ignore the law? They did that on their own.

The Blame Shift was Predictable

Coming out of the Republican National Convention (RNC), Biden began taking heat for ignoring the riots and destruction taking place in Democratic-led cities for months. Once the polls started to show obvious signs of problems for him, the Biden campaign had no choice but to come out of the basement.

Now, Biden is suggesting it’s not Antifa and left-wing rioters that are the problems. It’s right-wing militias, white supremacists, and vigilantes. Worse yet, Biden and the Democrats are claiming if you’re a Conservative, a Republican, or support Trump, you’re offensive in your opposition of the Left’s policies. Therefore, you must submit by voting for Biden.

Does Biden Expect to Lose?

Not once has Biden referred to Antifa or the Marxists in Black Lives Matter (BLM) when condemning the violence. He won’t do that because it could threaten his campaign. If Biden were serious, he would be talking about safety.

As Biden allows COVID-19 to slip away as a campaign issue, the law and order message has him boxed into a corner. If he tells the truth, he loses with the Left. If he continues to try to flip the narrative without the proper context, he could lose the support of the suburbs who want safety.

The way Joe Biden is running makes one question if he expects to lose. He’s throwing up whatever he can and hoping it sticks. In the world of campaigning, that’s a recipe for disaster.

The only hope for Democrats is that it’s still too early to tell the mood of the country.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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