Biden’s DEATH Claim Is Completely False!

Biden Misspeaks Again, Says Son Died in Iraq

Biden Misspeaks Again, Says Son Died in Iraq

( – President Joe Biden speaks publicly less often than most of his recent predecessors, and yet, it seems he manages to fumble his words and phrases more often than any other. His most recent snafu occurred in Colorado when he claimed that his son Beau died in Iraq.

On Wednesday, October 12, Biden was speaking at Camp Hale, near Vail, Colorado, about preserving American land when he got on the subject of US soldiers training to fight the Germans during World War II. He praised the brave men’s “genuine sacrifice” while battling the Nazis, emphasizing his sincerity by saying his son “lost his life in Iraq.”

While it’s true that the soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division who trained at Camp Hale were heroes, Biden’s claim about his son passing away during his deployment is not. Beau Biden died from cancer in May 2015 at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The POTUS believes inhaling toxic fumes as he oversaw burn pits during his deployment in Iraq caused his son’s cancer.

While the President’s remark might have referred to the fact Beau likely knew he was dying when he left Iraq, it could also qualify as another famous verbal gaffe. Critics cite the incidents where Biden says something false or incoherent as becoming more frequent, causing some Americans who should feel comfortable trusting their commander-in-chief to question whether he’s still mentally competent to hold the office of president and execute his duties.

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