Biden’s Denial

Biden’s Denial

( – For a while, members of the Obama administration have spoken out about President Trump’s immigration policies, all while ignoring their own history with immigration. Last week, former Vice President Joe Biden couldn’t deny the accusations anymore. He finally admitted that the previous administration did indeed keep children in “cages”.


Intimidation, abuse, lack of medical services, harassment and children in cages. These are all things that the Dems have been accusing the Trump administration of in its dealings with illegal immigrants. They are quick to hide the fact that all of this started during Obama’s term as president. In fact, those exact words were used in a report released by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in 2018. It’s crazy how quickly Biden and other Dems have forgotten the not-so-distant past.

The ACLU went through more than 33,000 pages of documents released by Customs and Border Patrol covering 2009 to 2014 and found out that children were being kept in horrible conditions at the border. They found instances of abuse, sickness and harassment.

In 2014, the Obama administration saw a huge increase in the number of immigrants entering the United States illegally from Central America. By 2015, almost half of the 21 million people seeking asylum in the US were children. Many of the children coming over the border were unaccompanied, and the government was unsure how to handle them. By law, they have to give them shelter.

The US Border Patrol converted a warehouse in McAllen, Texas, and turned it into an extension of their border patrol station.

It was made to hold 1,000 children, splitting them up into four holding areas, with each area containing five cells. Chain-link fences were used to separate the pods. The holding area was set up pretty much the same way the current holding areas are, although back then very few Democrats seemed to have a problem with it.

The Photo

All of this seemed to be forgotten as Liberals held protests and Democratic officials took to the airwaves to condemn Trump’s detention centers. Then a photo went viral online that infuriated the Left even more.

The picture showed children sleeping in cages on the floor. It was a heart-wrenching photo that eventually led to a hearing on how the Trump administration was treating children at the border. There was one problem though, the photo was from 2014.

Whether the Dems were lying or were actually stupid enough to forget when the picture was from, Republicans weren’t. They quickly took to social media to inform the American public of the truth. But even then, the Dems didn’t want to admit that Obama actually kept children in places exactly like the type that Trump was using, until now.

Biden’s Interview

In an interview that was posted to Facebook, Biden sat down with journalist Jorge Ramos. Ramos wasted no time grilling Biden about the Obama administration’s poor record of dealing with migrant children.

For the first time, Biden actually admitted that yes, the administration he worked for kept children in cages.

Biden, who was visibly frustrated throughout the interview, made a bunch of excuses as to why their choices weren’t as bad as what Trump has been doing. He claimed that they did it to keep the children safe. According to the ACLU report, that didn’t work out well.

In fact, a Senate report found that “an unknown number” of migrant children were released to human traffickers because the administration failed to run background checks.

The lies that have been told by the Democrats to demonize President Trump are finally coming to light, and whoever goes up against Trump in the presidential election better be prepared to tell the American people the truth.

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