Biden’s Disaster Response, Or Lack Thereof, Leaves Americans Furious

Biden's Disaster Response, Or Lack Thereof, Leaves Americans Furious

( – The fires in Maui are shaping up to be among the deadliest in American history. More than 110 people have been confirmed dead. However, some estimates put the missing at as many as 1,000 people. First responders are currently searching the burned homes and businesses for victims.

While the search efforts continue in Hawaii, back on the mainland, Americans are questioning what President Joe Biden is doing.

Missing In Action

Biden spent the days after the fires broke out in Delaware at his beach house. On Sunday, August 13, he faced backlash for refusing to talk about the rising death toll on the island and saying “no comment” when a reporter asked about it. He spent time on the beach and biking around the area while Hawaiians looked for their dead.

Republicans pointed out the president has still not visited East Palestine, Ohio. The town was impacted after a toxic train derailment forced residents out of their homes at the beginning of the year. Biden promised to take a trip there but has just flown over the state on his way to various campaign events nationwide.

Another Promise

On August 15, Biden promised he was going to help Maui for “as long as it takes.” Of course, he didn’t deliver the remarks during a speech meant to talk about the island and the tragedy; instead, he threw it into remarks he gave at an event in Milwaukee. The event? Just an ordinary stop on the campaign trail to tout his economic record and celebrate the one-year anniversary of the bipartisan Inflation Reduction Act.

The president promised he and First Lady Jill Biden would travel to Maui soon. The next day, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the president and first lady would travel to the island on August 21 to meet with first responders, survivors, and other officials.

Disaster Declaration

Biden signed a Major Disaster Declaration for Hawaii on August 10. This makes it easier for Hawaiian Governor Josh Green (D) to access emergency federal funds. That includes grants for house repairs and temporary housing, loans to cover property losses that weren’t insured, and other programs to help residents.

Funding is also available for local and state governments and some nonprofits on “a cost-sharing basis for debris removal and emergency protective measures” in Maui and Hawaii Counties. FEMA has appointed Maona N. Ngwira to coordinate the operations in the areas impacted by the fires. Additionally, about 500 federal personnel were deployed to Maui to help residents. FEMA has provided more than 50,000 meals and 75,000 liters of water. FEMA also authorized $700 payments for people who were displaced.

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