Biden’s DOJ Accused of Quid Pro Quo by Trump Aid’s Lawyer

Biden's DOJ Accused of Quid Pro Quo By Trump Aid's Lawyer

( – Former President Donald Trump and his supporters are accusing the Department of Justice of launching a politically motivated attack against him. The former POTUS was recently indicted and arraigned on 37 felony charges related to the alleged mishandling and an attempt to cover up the mishandling of classified documents. Prior to the indictment, a lawyer for one of Trump’s employees reportedly filed a complaint with the court alleging an attempted quid pro quo by prosecutors.


On June 8, an exclusive by The Guardian made the bombshell allegation. According to the report, lawyer Stanley Woodward received a phone call from prosecutors last November asking him to arrange a meeting between them and his client, Walt Nauta, who was a valet for the former president.

Woodward and Nauta reportedly met with several prosecutors, including Jay Bratt, at the DOJ headquarters. During the meeting, federal officials told the pair that they wanted Nauta to work with the government on its case against the 45th president. They explained the employee could be facing charges for giving a false statement if he did not cooperate with authorities.

The attorney claims things took a strange turn when Bratt turned to him and said he didn’t believe Woodward was a “Trump guy” and said he thought the attorney would “do the right thing.” Then Bratt allegedly mentioned that he was informed that Woodward recently submitted an application to be a superior court judge and said the application was pending.

In the alleged court filing, Woodward claimed the conversation moved on, and Bratt didn’t actually suggest anything illegal. However, the attorney got the feeling that Bratt was insinuating that his application would be considered in a more favorable light if his client participated in the case against Trump.

The Guardian report indicated the actual allegations were in a filing that was under seal. So, there’s currently no way to verify it. While there are innocent explanations for the comment, the report stated, it could lend credence to the allegations that the DOJ is biased.


Republicans have lashed out at the DOJ for its indictment of Trump. Even those who believe the allegations against the former president are serious and deserve scrutiny have raised questions about why prosecutors have not indicted President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. Others have accused the administration of attacking Biden’s number one political opponent with the charges.

The White House has denied having any part in the investigation or indictment, claiming the DOJ is an independent entity. Democrats have also pointed out that the classified document probe began months before Trump declared his candidacy for 2024.

Even if Bratt has an innocent explanation, the perception of impropriety is one more dark mark in a series of dark marks against the embattled DOJ.

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