Biden’s Dream Team Looks Like a Nightmare

Biden’s Swampiest Administration Picks

( – When Donald Trump ran for election in 2016, one of his most popular policies was to clean out the corrupt, incestuous culture that festered inside the Washington Beltway – to “drain the swamp.” Now, presidential-wannabe Joe Biden is naming his premature cabinet picks, and there’s a strong stench of mud and gators in the air. Here are the swampiest of Biden’s nominations:

  • Anthony Blinken. If Biden wins, Blinken could be Secretary of State. After graduating from law school in 1988, he worked as a fundraiser for Michael Dukakis’s presidential run. He then practiced law, mixed with political activism, for a whole six years before going to work for the National Security Council. Since then, he’s either worked for the federal government or for Joe Biden. He’s a swamp creature down to his webbed feet.
  • Alejandro Mayorkas. Potential DHS Secretary Majorkas has been a government lawyer or government official under every Democrat president since 1989. He’s worked in the private sector when the GOP held the presidency, but whenever the White House goes blue, he slithers back into the familiar ooze of government.
  • John Kerry. Biden wants to make Kerry a special envoy. Kerry joined the US Navy in 1966 and since then, the longest he’s been off the government payroll is the four years he spent at law school in the early 1970s. Since then he’s been a lieutenant governor, senator and secretary of state, with only a couple of two- or three-year breaks when Republicans were in office. Now he’s hoping for another four years in the murky waters of the swamp.
  • Gina McCarthy. Biden wants to create the new post of National Climate Adviser for McCarthy, so she can clean up the world. That’s a strange choice because, despite 28 years of government experience in environmental protection, she couldn’t even clean up the water in Flint, MI. She’d be right at home in the swampy pools of a Biden administration.

Donald Trump was elected to clean up the mess left, over decades, by the political careerists who splash and gurgle in the slime of Washington. Now Joe Biden wants to shut down the drains and let the swamp fill up again.

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