Biden’s Energy Policies Unite Democrats and GOP

Biden's Energy Policies Unite Democrats and GOP

( – While the world is captivated by the impotence of Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, the administration continues to show glowing incompetency in virtually every area of its policy initiatives. On Wednesday, August 11, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan urged OPEC to increase production and supply the United States with more oil to drive down politically toxic high gasoline prices.

The revelation stunned both Democrats and Republicans. Biden managed to do the unthinkable: He united the two parties against his reckless energy policies.

Democrats and Republicans Unite Against OPEC Request

During the Trump administration, the US became energy independent for the first time in 62 years. The bustling energy industry led to low energy prices for Americans, and in turn, the low energy prices contributed to a booming economy. The US was producing so much oil that in 2020, it exported oil to Saudi Arabia, one of OPEC’s largest oil producers. However, since January 6, Biden has done all he could to kill US oil production and energy independence. In 2020, then-candidate Biden promised to eliminate fossil fuels and eradicate fracking. On day one of his presidency, mission accomplished.

The president did three baffling things in the context of the OPEC request. He:

  1. Revoked the Keystone XL pipeline, ultimately leading to the closure of the pipeline
  2. Ordered the immediate halting of oil extraction and fracking on public lands
  3. Struck a deal with Germany that allowed Russia to complete a natural gas pipeline into Europe

Now that gasoline demand is growing but supplies are limited, prices are rising quickly. So, instead of asking US companies to increase production and remove his de-incentives to make it happen, the Commander in Chief turned to OPEC.

Biden said he would be a unifier, but no one foresaw this.

Republicans are horrified the administration would destroy America’s standing as the world’s largest energy producer in one step and then ask a corrupt cartel to help the United States. At this moment, the US is destroying its energy wealth and transferring it to countries hostile to US interests. By shifting the global market, a small group of countries and OPEC can control the price of oil. That’s precisely the opposite of what President Trump accomplished as his policies forced prices down. As a result, Republicans contend Biden is violating the “America First” commitment he stole from Trump.

On the political Left, they see hypocrisy as well. Environmentalists championed Biden’s war on climate change. To them, this is a slap in the face. The United Nations (UN) recently declared a code red alert for humanity, and days later, Biden requested OPEC to increase oil production. Environmentalists warn that Biden can’t be a leader in climate change when he lobbies oil countries to produce more oil.

Here’s the worst part of it for Biden. OPEC said no to his request for oil production increases. The president’s absurd request is just one more demonstration of incompetency in a string of them. He wanted to abandon all that was good with the Trump administration and prove a point. He’s making it.

Democratic policies are bad for America.

When the Left and the Right unite despite their ideological differences against a president’s policies, it’s not a sign of competency. It’s evidence of flawed policies.

The proof is in the unity.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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