Biden’s Lack of Black Voters Could Cripple the Democrat Party

Biden's Lack of Black Voters Could Cripple the Democrat Party

Biden’s Racial Problem Just Took Another Serious Turn

( – Over the last year, President Joe Biden alleged that Republican-led states passing common-sense election reform laws were actively trying to suppress the black vote. Biden aggressively targeted Georgia and alleged its new election laws were racist and reminiscent of Jim Crow. Yet, in May’s primary elections, Georgia experienced an all-time high in early voting. So, the question is, will Biden actually be the one suppressing the black vote through his policies or lack thereof?

During the 2020 presidential election, then-Democratic candidate Joe Biden agreed that police and voting reforms were needed. His lack of action may lead black voters to stay home in disappointment instead of voting in November. If that happens, it could be devastating to Democrats. Still, the party’s troubles in the black community may be much more profound than many realize.

Are Democrats in Dire Trouble?

Over the last year, polls have chronicled how Democrats are in deep trouble with Hispanic voters as they abandon the Left’s policies and find a new home in the Republican Party. If that weren’t bad enough, they might be losing a vital bloc within the black vote. Democrats could become a regional party led by rich, white Liberals instead of a broad, inclusive party if the trend continues.

For decades, Democrats have hemorrhaged white rural voters. Now that Hispanic voters are bailing out, black conservative voters could be right behind them. In February 2020, Pew Research Center concluded that 25% of black Democratic voters identify as Conservatives and 40% as Moderates. In 2021, Democrats fully embraced the far-left. That could have dire consequences for the party and become a boon for GOP candidates in the midterm elections and beyond.

On May 2, Newsweek reported that in 2016, Hillary Clinton won the black vote over Donald Trump by 58 points. In 2020, Biden only won the black vote by 20 points over Trump. The 38-point drop may only be the beginning of Democrats’ problems. Since taking office in January 2020, Biden went from an 87% approval rating among black voters to 67%.

That’s a big enough shift to suggest the Democrats are in serious trouble in six months.

Will Biden’s Left-Wing Policies Win Them Back?

Biden seems to be doing all he can to hold the black vote. In May, he tapped a black woman to serve as the White House press secretary. Biden won Senate approval for the first black woman to sit on the US Supreme Court. He has offered speech after speech about voter rights and signed a federal ban on lynching. The president has often spoken about White supremacy and its poison to society. Biden is also likely to offer some student loan debt relief.

Some experts suggest that Biden needs to focus on voting rights, supposedly a top issue for black voters. They say that Democrats heard their concerns, passed legislation, and the GOP blocked voting reforms.

The question is, do Biden’s views and policies mean much to conservative blacks? Are enough liberal blacks unhappy with Democrats to show up at the polls and vote in November? Biden and Democrats will try to shift a narrative that they feel will do the job, but will narratives outweigh experiences as inflation batters Americans of all colors, stripes, and creeds?

If not, Democrats in Congress could find themselves in a growing minority this fall and beyond.

Perhaps it’s Biden himself who is actually suppressing the minority vote?

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