Biden’s New Plan Reverses Trump’s Special Order

Biden's New Plan Reverses Trump's Special Order

( – When Joe Biden was running for president, he promised the American people that he would support a bill sending $2,000 stimulus checks to each person. When he took office, that number dropped to $1,400. Now, millions of people who received the stimulus payments when Donald Trump was in office won’t get them this time around.

On Wednesday, March 3, President Biden backed a plan from the Senate to limit the people who will receive the payments. Under the old plan, those who made under $75,000 (individually) would receive the entire payment. Those who made more than that amount would see it reduced $5 for each additional $100 of income up to $99,000. The plan Biden backs completely phases out the checks at $80,000, eliminating payments for roughly 12 million people.

The news is another example of a broken promise from the Biden administration. This time, millions of people will suffer because of what seems like an inability to keep his word.

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