Biden’s Oil and Gas Plan Would Cost 1M Jobs

Biden's Oil and Gas Plan Would Cost 1M Jobs

( – While most presidential candidates promise to create jobs, one candidate has vowed to eliminate up to one million of them. For over a decade, Democrats have been gearing up for a war on the energy economy. Now, it appears they intend to make good on their promises.

In early February, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said his administration would “get rid of fossil fuels.” However, according to a new study released by Morning Consult, there isn’t much widespread appeal for his position.

In President Donald Trump’s second year, the United States became the world’s top global crude oil producer. Along with that status, came plenty of high-paying jobs across the country. However, not only does the fossil fuel energy supply the United States with inexpensive energy and good-paying work, it helps provide the lifestyle Americans demand.

American’s Depend on Oil and Natural Gas

According to the Morning Consult poll, nearly 60% who responded said it’s “very” or “extremely important” that the United States continues to find ways to extract oil and natural gas more efficiently. More impressively, 82% said fossil fuels provide “a great deal of value” or “some value” to their lives. Additionally, 75% said they “strongly agree” or “somewhat agree” that oil and natural gas are “essential to a modern lifestyle.”

Then we come to Biden’s goal: eradicate one million American jobs and ask the country to suffer as California has throughout the summer of 2020. Due to its forced increase in renewable energy and the shutdown of natural gas plants, the state wasn’t able to handle the electric demand during extreme heat. This caused rolling blackouts and calls for reconsidering California’s energy policy.

Drilling Bans Devastating to the Economy

One of the centerpieces of the former vice president’s climate agenda is a total ban on drilling and fracking. Not only would the ban destroy one million jobs, but it would also devastate the US economy. As of June 10, 2020, the national debt passed $26 trillion. As it stands, by 2021, the US debt will triple from the 1970s and 1980s.

If Biden wins in November and enacts a federal ban on oil and natural gas drilling, it would cause the United States to lose $700 billion through 2030. Instead of exporting oil and rewarding American workers and taxpayers, the US would once again be reliant on energy imports and making other nations richer to the tune of two million barrels of oil per day. Additionally, it’s estimated that natural gas exports would plummet by 800 billion cubic feet in a decade, taking billions of dollars in US money with it.

Biden Needs Swing States

Many of the swing states are massive energy producers. Ohio and Michigan together enlist more than 400,000 shale workers. Pennsylvania has 320,000. Colorado and Florida employ more than 200,000 workers each in oil and gas. Combined, these workers and their families represent well over a million voters.

As Biden gets out on the campaign trail and his energy policies become more widely known, it could hurt his chances of winning the battleground states. While Liberals cheer as they promise to kill domestic energy production, they may be scratching their heads come November wondering what went wrong once again.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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