Biden’s Opponents Are Rising to Double Digits in Polls

Biden's Opponents Are Rising to Double Digits in Polls

( – Democratic voters’ unhappiness with President Joe Biden seems to be growing as support for his challengers climbs into significant territory. The party seems to want a coronation, with Biden gifted next year’s nomination. Grassroots Liberals don’t seem so keen to risk another four years of this visibly failing president.

In April, after much speculation, Biden confirmed that he plans to run for a second term despite the fact he’s already 80 years old. With former president Donald Trump currently leading the race for the GOP nomination, it’s likely next year’s presidential election will be a rerun of 2020’s. That isn’t inevitable, though, and the latest polling shows Biden’s potential rivals are building up support.

A poll carried out by Change Research from April 28 – May 2 shows that if a Democratic presidential primary were held today, Biden would have a massive lead with 65% of the vote — but his two challengers, Marianne Williamson and Robert F Kennedy Jr — would each get 11%. Another 11% are unsure, so even without eating into Biden’s support, there’s room for either of them to pick up more votes. Other polls are showing even higher support for the newcomers, with a late April poll for Emerson putting Kennedy on 21%. Meanwhile, Biden’s approval rating remains low, with just 42% thinking he’s doing a good job.

As well as long-running worries about Biden’s age, many Democrats are also angry that the party plans to cut out primary debates. In an interview with Newsmax, Kennedy said he doesn’t think that looks good, especially “when so many Americans are worried that the system is rigged against them,” and blasted the party for running a Soviet-style contest where “the party gets to choose who the nominee is, rather than the people.”

Kennedy clearly thinks that if the candidates had to debate, he could pick up more support at Biden’s expense. Of course, Biden and his handlers probably think the same, which is why they don’t want it to happen.

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