Biden’s SHOCKING $10 Trillion Wish List

Biden's SHOCKING $10 Trillion Wish List

( – If you think the federal government is spending too much money now and taxes will go up to pay for it, just hold on to your wallet. If Joe Biden becomes president, it’ll get worse.

Much of his spending programs are on big-ticket, socialist policies that would pale in comparison to any spending in the last 20 years. His government plans would be an extreme contrast with Trump’s market-oriented approach. 

How much could some of his proposals cost? According to the Biden campaign:

  • Climate plan – $2 trillion
  • Universal preschool, expanded childcare, and in-home elderly care – $775 billion
  • Higher education to include free community college – $750 billion
  • Health care – $750 billion
  • Preschool and K-12 education – $750 billion
  • Buy America Plan – $700 billion
  • Housing – $640 billion
  • Government purchases of US-based goods and services – $400 billion
  • Government research and development for new technologies and clean-energy initiatives – $300 billion
  • Criminal justice reform – $30 billion
  • Infrastructure – $1.3 trillion

The grand, whopping total: $10 trillion over 10 years. 

These are just estimates. Debates about the real cost of parts of Biden’s plan reveal, for example, the health care plan is more likely to total $2.25 trillion. Additionally, not included in Biden’s campaign is the social security expansion the Democratic nominee is proposing, which would add another $450 billion.

The current national debt is $26.5 trillion and growing. Since March, Congress passed over $7 trillion combating COVID-19. While acknowledging the fast rate of spending, the Trump campaign countered that Biden’s left-wing agenda will be costly, and will force Biden to raise taxes on the middle-class to pay for it.

That’s in addition to Biden’s war on energy. Talk about an expensive prospective presidency.

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