Biden’s Sudden Silence on Court Packing Raises Worries

Biden's Sudden Silence On Court Packing Raises Worries

( – Democrats are furious over President Trump’s selection of Amy Coney Barrett for the latest Supreme Court nomination, and it’s spurred them to new heights of destructive radicalism. Rather than accept that the Court has lost its long-running Liberal bias, they’re discussing how to stuff it with more Liberal justices – and Joe Biden, supposedly their party’s moderate conscience, isn’t doing anything to stop them.

Some Dems have latched on to the fact that the Constitution doesn’t set the number of Supreme Court justices. It’s been held at nine since the mid-19th century, but Congress has the power to change it, and now the Left is talking about expanding the court to reimpose a Liberal bias. Joe Biden has always opposed this policy. Last year, he warned it would result in tit-for-tat expansions that would destroy the court’s credibility – but since the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, he’s suddenly gone quiet.

On Sunday, Biden was asked again if he planned to pack the court if he wins in November. As he’s done every time since Ginsburg’s death he refused to answer, changing the subject instead. This time he said, “We should see to it that the American public will vote in the Senate races in this election and they’ll vote Republicans out of office.”

Of course, a Democrat majority in the Senate is exactly what Biden would need to pack the court.

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