Biden’s Supreme Court Packing Commission Meets Under Shroud of Scrutiny

Biden's Supreme Court Packing Commission Meets Under Shroud of Scrutiny

( – For over a decade, liberals virtually ignored the Supreme Court as a campaign strategy to enact their far-left agenda. That was until former President Donald Trump nominated three conservative justices on the court and tipped the balance of power. Republican-appointed Justices now outnumber those appointed by Democrats six to three, and the Left is wrongly screaming that Trump stole the court from them.

On the contrary, the former president appropriately appointed justices as seats opened either due to retirements or the passing of liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg. However, that didn’t stop Democrats from redefining terms and claiming that the GOP stacked the court. In reality, Democrats intentionally created the lie to provide them cover.

According to the Democrat’s way of thinking, if the GOP did it, they could too. However, President Biden said that packing the court was a “boneheaded idea” as a US Senator in the 1990s. Since the 2020 general election, Biden has continually played both sides of the fence. On April 9, Biden created a Presidential Commission on Supreme Court Reform to give him some cover. Since then, it’s been under a shroud of scrutiny.

Supreme Court Reform Commission Meets for First Time Under a Shroud of Scrutiny

On Tuesday, May 18, Biden’s court-packing commission met for the first time. It’s clouded in scrutiny, and it’s not just from the Right. Brian Fallon is a former Clinton aide to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the leader of the dark money group, Demand Justice. He’s a core leader in the effort to pack the Court because he believes Trump hijacked it. That idea couldn’t be more patently wrong. Regardless, he wholeheartedly believes in the delusion.

Fallon has no faith in the commission because its only responsibility is to study the questions surrounding the addition of more Justices and create a report. Presidents normally create commissions to kill bad ideas. That has liberals like Fallon screaming that the process is doomed to fail before it even starts.

The Left wants Congress and Biden to add the seats to the Supreme Court now and appoint far-left judges to override Conservatives. However, the idea is doomed to failure regardless of the commission. It would take 60 votes in the Senate, and there aren’t 10 Republicans who would ever support it. If he holds to his word, neither will moderate Democratic Senator Joe Machin (D-WV). So, it doesn’t matter if the Democrats need 50 or 60 votes. Either way, they likely don’t have enough.

Where does that leave the commission?

As with just about every other one, it’s an academic exercise in futility.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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