Biden’s Tax Plan Could Prove a Nightmare to Workers

Biden's Tax Plan Could Prove a Nightmare to Workers

( – The US economy is steadily recovering from the COVID-19 shutdowns. Experts are even predicting 2021 will see a full recovery. That is unless Joe Biden becomes president and implements his terrible tax plan.

Throughout the presidential campaign, Biden said he was going to get rid of President Donald Trump’s 2017 tax cuts. He claimed it’s time to make corporations and the wealthy pay their “fair share,” a statement often parroted by the far Left.

Does attacking the country’s job creators at a time when the country is recovering from an economic downturn and millions of people are unemployed seem like a bright idea? Studies have already shown his plan will cause the GDP to shrink and that could lead to even more lost jobs. It’s as if Biden sat down, asked what the worst tax plan would be, and then declared that’s the one he’s going to try to push through. Let’s hope he never gets that chance.

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