Biden’s Team Fears Trump Has Beat Them With Workers’ Strike

Biden's Team Fears Trump Has Beat Them With Workers' Strike

( – In 2020, the United Auto Workers (UAW) union endorsed Joe Biden for president. The endorsement wasn’t surprising, considering the Democratic Party’s long support of union workers. However, this time around, the organization is withholding its endorsement while the strike plays out. The Biden team is reportedly concerned former President Donald Trump could be making headway with rank-and-file members.

Trump is headed to Detroit to speak to auto workers at the end of September. According to a recent report by POLITICO, Democrats think the former president is trying to use the strike to gain a political advantage. They are also reportedly afraid the trip is a sign that Trump’s campaign has become more sophisticated.

The Republican’s trip comes as the GOP continues to hammer Biden for his electric car plans, blaming the strike on the bipartisan infrastructure’s green initiatives. Some auto workers have expressed concerns that union workers are being boxed out of deals made to move the country toward electric cars. The Biden administration has said it supports the strike and wants the infrastructure money to go to support union jobs.

A Democratic strategist said Trump “scooped” them, and now the president can’t go to Michigan because it will appear that he’s only going because his potential 2024 rival will be there.

A union adviser told the website that what Trump did was “kinda genius” because he “boxed Biden in.” Meanwhile, the White House is reportedly struggling to respond to the strike. It reversed plans to send two officials to help with negotiations. Though the president wants to avoid a long strike, he’s also trying to support workers.

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA), who is a member of the president’s national advisory board, warned that his party “should not underestimate Donald Trump.” The Democratic lawmaker called Trump a “survivor” and said the party needed to craft “a message to working-class Americans. He explained that they are still hurting because of the increased cost of “gas prices, food prices” and housing, utilities, and other expenses.

So far, it doesn’t appear the Democratic Party has figured out its message.

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