Big Business Abandoning Social Media

Big Business Abandoning Social Media

( – Some big businesses have decided to halt advertising on social media and push their financial weight around to force change. Unilever is the latest corporation to join Verizon, Patagonia, VF Corp., North Face, Eddie Bauer, and Recreational Equipment in suspending advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They say social media giants are not doing enough to curb hate speech, misinformation, and divisive content on their platforms.

Unfortunately, the companies don’t clearly define what they mean by hate speech. However, it does appear to be driven by companies who are proactively deciding to protect their brands. In a statement, Unilever says the complexities of the “cultural landscape” are forcing them to “learn, respond, and act to drive a trusted and safe digital ecosystem.”

In response, Facebook said they would not make business decisions based on revenue pressure. However, they’re trying to dissuade advertisers from leaving the platform. Executives say they’re taking concerns of civil-rights groups seriously. The social media giant also claims it’s continuing the development of its artificial intelligence to identify and remove hate speech.

It’s a slippery curve as Facebook tries to please everyone. The question is, will they be able to make users, advocacy groups, and businesses happy? Time will tell.

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