Bill Barr Erupts After Judge Calls for Special Master

Bill Barr Erupts After Judge Calls for Special Master

Bill Barr Erupts – Claims Judge’s Ruling is “Deeply Flawed”

( – In February 2019, the US Senate confirmed William Barr as the US Attorney General. During COVID, the nation’s top law enforcement officer often sided against state and local governments that were violating the Constitution’s freedom of religion clause. He also pushed back against draconian measures and social justice riots where he had the legal authority. Conservatives widely praised him as a measured personality in the Trump Administration. Still, in December 2020, he resigned after disagreeing with then-President Donald Trump over election integrity concerns.

In the wake of the FBI’s August 8 raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, the former AG has appeared regularly on Fox News. On Monday, September 5, a US district judge offered a 24-page ruling agreeing to the ex-president’s request for a special master to ensure attorney-client and executive-privileged documents receive legal protection. US District Judge from the Southern District of Florida Aileen M. Cannon said prosecutors possibly improperly saw potentially privileged materials in at least two instances. On Wednesday, Barr took exception to the order.

Former AG Takes Exception to Special Master Ruling

The role of a special master is to determine whether the FBI seized documents are protected by attorney-client or executive privilege. Appearing on Fox News, Barr stated the judge’s opinion was “wrong” and “deeply flawed” for several reasons. He noted the law is not ambiguous, and investigators should be allowed to review all the materials they seized to determine if there was any wrongdoing. He argued that Trump’s assertion he was allowed to keep the records was incorrect. The former AG emphasized there was no reason why the government should return any classified government documents to his care.

Still, he acknowledged if the government had protected documents in its possession, investigators should return them immediately. Nonetheless, Barr noted the investigators had no way of knowing they acquired any personal or protected papers during the raid. He insinuated they would only find them by combing through them. Yet, the former AG added one caveat: the government is allowed to keep personal items if they become evidence in a criminal case.

Barr Believes Prosecutors Are Close to Indictment

The man who served as AG for two former administrations said he believed the Department of Justice (DOJ) was close to acquiring enough evidence to indict Trump on a crime. He said several factors played into such a decision. First, they must decide whether they have enough evidence to make a “technical” case that the former president mishandled classified documents that investigators found in his home. Second, if they did charge him with a crime, how would the public respond, and what precedent might it establish?

Following the ex-AG’s recent comments, Trump called his former top law enforcement official “weak” and a RINO.

While Barr believes there is enough to charge Trump, he said he hopes the DOJ doesn’t follow through despite intense scrutiny.

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