Bill Barr Under Attack From the Left and the Right — He’s in Big Trouble

Bill Barr Under Attack From the Left and the Right -- He's in Big Trouble

( – Republican Attorney General Bill Barr can’t seem to win for all his losing these days. Attacks from Democrats and Lefty-Liberals have been par for the course for Barr for decades now, having served as President George HW Bush’s AG from 1991 to 1993.

Democrats pushed back against Barr this go around, starting with an exhaustive review/interrogation during his January 2019 confirmation hearings. Since then, they’ve opposed nearly every action he’s taken from the release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report — a multi-million dollar witch-hunt into allegations of Russian tampering in the 2016 elections — to his handling of nationwide protests ravaging Democratic-led cities accompanying the recent rise in activity by Black Lives Matter activists and Antifa members.

Have Republicans Turned on Barr?

Barr has found himself the subject of increased scrutiny by Republicans in recent weeks over what many perceive to be a lack of due diligence overseeing multiple investigations regarding the initiation of the failed Russia probe and other investigations spanning back to the days of Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s administration.

The lack of criminal indictments or the release of any preliminary reports from ongoing investigations particularly concerns President Donald Trump and his supporters.

One shining example is the District of Connecticut United States Attorney John Durham, who led an investigation into the origins of the Russian inquiry for months. Barr not only indicated his report would not be released before the November 3 election as expected, but unofficial rumors also suggest the investigation is not likely to result in any criminal indictments.

The conservative-leaning legal advocacy group Judicial Watch recently expressed concern about the lack of progress from Barr and his department, as has Larry Klayman, a longtime conservative legal activist who called Barr a coward and a “disgrace.

Final Thoughts

Barr has devoted his life to public service, beginning with a four-year stint in the Central Intelligence Agency from 1973 to 1977. However, loyalty is everything while engaged in national service. It doesn’t look like he’s experiencing much of that these days.

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