Bill Clinton May Have Caused Ukraine Fallout, Fox Host Says

Bill Clinton May Have Caused Ukraine Fallout, Fox Host Says

( – The situation in Ukraine has reached a critical level and the international community is scrambling. In the US, political pundits and foreign policy experts are trying to figure out what went wrong between the Eastern European nation and neighboring Russia. One Fox News star believes the blame ultimately lies at the feet of former President Bill Clinton.

On February 21, the co-hosts of “The Five” discussed what was happening between Ukraine and Russia. Jesse Watters told his colleagues that he believes Clinton failed when he helped broker a deal over what to do with Ukraine’s weapons when the Soviet Union dissolved. According to the Fox News host, Clinton forced Ukraine to hand over its weapons to Russia in 1994. He said if the 42nd president had allowed the “Ukrainians [to] keep the nukes, Russia wouldn’t have gone in.”

Watters explained Clinton made Ukraine sitting ducks for Putin by forcing its nuclear weapons back to Russia.

Under the 1994 agreement, 1,800 nuclear warheads were dismantled. Stripping Ukraine of its weapons was one of the most important policy goals in the wake of the Soviet Union’s collapse. Many of the parts of the agreement are still secret three decades later.

Do you agree that Bill Clinton is to blame for the current problems in eastern Europe?

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