Bill Gates Pledges to Give Away Most of His Wealth

Bill Gates Pledges to Give Away Most of His Wealth

Bill Gates Makes STUNNING Announcement – He’s Doing It!

( – Billionaire Warren Buffett, once the wealthiest man in the world, made headlines years ago when he gave away much of his fortune. MacKenzie Scott, the ex-wife of Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos, gave away more than $3.8 billion to charity. Now, Bill Gates is reportedly going to do the same.

On Wednesday, July 13, Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates issued a statement on Twitter claiming he intends to give almost all of his money to his charitable foundation. Based on his belief that he has an “obligation” to return the resources he accumulated to society, the billionaire said he wants to use his wealth to improve lives and reduce suffering.

Gates noted the pandemic has massively impacted society, as has the Russian war on Ukraine. The Liberal alleged America is taking steps backward on “gender equality and women’s health” but thinks there are ways to turn the tide.

It’s important to note Gates doesn’t intend to do what Buffett and Scott did when they gave away their money to other nonprofits. The billionaire is sending his money to his own organization, the Gates Foundation. In addition to his money, he announced his board intends to spend $9 billion annually by 2026.

Do you think it counts to give his money away if Gates is just putting it into his own foundation?

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