Bill Gates Praises China While Slamming America

Bill Gates Praises China While Slamming America

( – As the world continues to struggle with containing the COVID-19 pandemic, many are still looking for answers about the origins of the deadly virus. The Chinese government continues to deny the novel coronavirus originated in a lab in Wuhan, but the US government says it has “high confidence” it did.

Earlier this month, President Trump ordered the defunding of the World Health Organization (WHO) saying they severely mishandled the pandemic and failed to investigate the accuracy of China’s reporting. 

Over the weekend, Bill Gates, a strong supporter and financial contributor of the WHO, defended the actions of China during an interview on CNN.

The WHO has yet to investigate the origins of the virus or question the Chinese government why they would silence doctors who were trying to warn the world about what was happening. 

Bill Gates says he’s committed to both the research and development of treatments for COVID-19 on a scalable method. He’s also suggested some sort of “immunity certificate” would help reopen the crippling economy. 

One has to wonder why he’s staunchly supporting a country other than the US.

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