Bizarre! Susan Rice Emails Raise More Questions

Bizarre! Susan Rice Emails Raise More Questions

( – A recently-released email from Susan Rice, former National Security Advisor to then-President Barack Obama, creates more questions than it answers. While many of us take notes at meetings, we usually don’t wait two weeks to do it. And, that isn’t the only thing strange about Rice’s email to herself.

Rice notes that Obama stressed he wanted things done “by the book” pertaining to the law enforcement perspective concerning the investigation on alleged Russian hacking. Then, she goes on to say how there was a difference in perspective between Obama and the one concerning national security. Rice goes on to note James Comey assured the former president that things were being done “by the book,” but there may be reason to avoid sharing “sensitive” information about the investigation with Flynn.

The email raises multiple questions. Notes concerning a meeting aren’t unusual, but the timeline is. What happened in those two weeks to prompt Rice to send this email to herself? And, do the details imply that things are done by the book from a law enforcement perspective, but not from a national security perspective?

Right now we still have more questions than answers.

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