Black Americans Begin Turning Their Backs on Joe Biden

Black Americans Begin Turning Their Backs on Joe Biden

( – President Joe Biden hasn’t been winning over many hearts and minds recently. After his administration promised for months not to impose any federal vaccine mandates, the president did the opposite. His flip-flopping on vaccines coincides with tanking poll numbers — including with Black Americans.

According to a September 22 Gallup poll, Biden’s approval rating is just 43%, while his disapproval rating is 53%. The 10-point spread is startling. But what’s more shocking is that his support among Black Americans is plummeting, too. A Morning Consult poll shows his support among the voting bloc has dropped 5%, from 76% to 71%, since his September 9 vaccine mandate announcement.

To understand how serious that statistic is, one has to know how Biden got to the White House. During the early days of the Democratic primary, the former vice president was performing very poorly. That all changed when South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn (D), a highly influential lawmaker among the African-American voting bloc, threw his support behind Biden. After that endorsement, it was game over. Biden went on to sweep the South and win the nomination for his party.

Now, just eight months into his presidency, that support is dwindling. Biden’s approval figures could have devastating effects on Democrats in the midterm elections next year. If voters don’t trust the president, why would they trust his party?

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