Black Celeb Has Had Enough of BLM

Black Celeb Has Had Enough of BLM

( – Many celebrities are quick to apologize any time they get out of step with the far-left woke mob. The least amount of push-back usually makes them cave. But not this time.

Terry Crews, star of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” recently spoke out against Black Lives Matter, and he’s not backing down. Crews is an actor and comedian, but he’s also a devout Christian who believes in standing up for what’s right.

On Monday night, CNN’s Don Lemon lectured the actor about the true meaning of the BLM movement. Lemon was apparently offended that Crews said he didn’t want Black Lives Matter to turn into Black Lives Better.

The mob attacked Crews after he put out a series of tweets on the subject. He said he wanted to unite people, and he acknowledged that BLM might be going too far.

The actor faced serious backlash after he spoke the truth, but he’s holding strong. Crews said that he would die on this hill if need be.

Most of the Hollywood elite bow to the pressures from the mob. But Terry Crews stands firm in his Christian beliefs. He believes that all lives matter, regardless of race or ideology. We could use a lot more of that honesty.

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