Black Leaders Offer Surprise Support

Black Leaders Offer Surprise Support

( – Since the Great Depression, African Americans have voted as a block for the Democratic Party. However, Donald Trump has been working to reverse that trend. During the 2016 presidential campaign, he made it a point to talk with the Black community. On the campaign trail, he often asked, “what do you have to lose?”

Since the election, Trump has been accused repeatedly of racism. Often, his words are taken out of context by Democrats who make false allegations for political gain. However, numerous African American leaders aren’t buying it. Instead, they are working to fight against the narrative of the Left and Trump’s support among black leaders is growing.

Election Results Could Hinge on African Americans.

Democrats are afraid, with good cause, that Trump will make inroads with the African American community. If the president can earn just 18% of the black vote, he will easily win re-election. If he gets anywhere near 25% or more, it will be a doomsday for Democrats. During a season of riots due to police brutality, Democrats will do all they can to put the blame where it doesn’t belong — on Trump.

In February, an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows Trump with 14% support among African Americans. Among black men, Trump had 24% approval and 6% among black women. While the margins are small, any increase will have a profound impact on the election. In an era where Democrats are moving hard left, it may be too much for black men who are traditionally conservative on social issues. If Trump meets them halfway, or more, it could tip the scales.

Black Leaders Push Back

Since 2016, several prominent black leaders have supported President Trump, including:

  • Dr. Alveda King (the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)
  • Entertainer Kanye West
  • Pastor Darrell Scott
  • Diamond and Silk, influential black vloggers
  • Candace Owens, a black activist and a leader of Blexit (black exit from the Democratic Party)
  • Rev. C.L. Bryant

In addition, prominent black athletes like former NFL stars Herschel Walker and Terrell Owens, NBA player Latrell Sprewell, and boxer Mike Tyson are strong Trump supporters. Finally, numerous Democratic black state representatives across the south have thrown their support behind Trump at great peril to their political careers.

Dr. King is one of the nation’s most prominent civil rights leaders and Trump supporters. She has repeatedly shot down accusations that Trump is racist. Last week, King accused Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden of “stirring up the race card” and said he’s bowing to tyranny and fighting over skin color. She further said what America needs is sanity, peace, and love.

Last fall, Rev. C.L. Bryant said more black Americans should support Trump. He claimed that the president had done more for African Americans in just a few years than Democrats have done in decades. Before COVID-19 hit, employment among blacks was the best in generations and the opportunity to move into higher economic classes was vastly improving. Bryant also said that, in contrast to Democrats, the Trump administration achieved real justice reform, and increased funding to historically black colleges and universities.

This week, a new leader has emerged from the front lines.

Bevelyn Beatty is a black, conservative Christian activist who was caught on video schooling a liberal white woman about black history in the Seattle “Autonomous Zone.” She told the stunned women she would never vote for Biden and that the Democratic party was the party of slavery, the KKK, and modern racism. She further said blacks were predominantly conservative on social issues and couldn’t understand why the LGBTQ movement hijacked Black Lives Matter.

In the months ahead, much will happen in regards to the police and police brutality in the African American community. As events unfold, it will shed light on Joe Biden’s past and his role in creating legislation decades ago that incarcerated black men at significantly higher rates than whites or Hispanics.

Trump is responsible for passing justice reforms that undid much of Biden’s law. However, it’s not the only contrast. Biden has a record with segregationists, racism, and gaffes that will be advertisements all over TV and the internet in the coming months.

The contrast will be interesting to observe as more black leaders step up to influence their communities to help re-elect Trump.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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