Black Lives Matter Bought Huge Mansion With Donations

Black Lives Matter Bought Huge Mansion With Donations

( – For years, there have been questions about how Black Lives Matter (BLM) leaders spend the organization’s money. The group claims to support black lives and fundraises on that platform, but a new report indicates it isn’t African-Americans that they’re spending the money on.

According to an April 4 article in New York Magazine (NYM), BLM purchased a $6-million mansion in Southern California. The report alleges the movement’s three leaders – Alicia Garza, Melina Abdullah, and Patrisse Cullors – bought the 6,500-square-foot house with cash in October 2020 with money donated to the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF).

Journalist Sean Campbell said he asked the organization about the mansion that’s allegedly known as “Campus.” He’d obtained emails and other documents that talked about the purchase, something the leaders reportedly wanted to keep a secret. There were also instances where people had to sign nondisclosure agreements.

In his piece for NYM, Campbell said BLM leadership circulated emails after he inquired about the house asking each other if they could kill the story but ultimately decided on an angle to “deflate ownership.” They then gave their team bullet points about how to talk about the property – totally something an organization does when there’s nothing to hide. Eventually, Shalomyah Bowers, a BLMGNF Board Member, sent Campbell a memo claiming the organization bought the mansion to serve as a “housing and studio space for recipients of the Black Joy Creators Fellowship.”

However, if Bowers’ excuse is true, then why did the organization hide the purchase? That’s a question nobody in BLM seems to be able to answer.

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