Black Lt. Gov. Says He’s Insulted by Democrats Voting Rights Allegations

Black Lt. Gov. Says He's Insulted by Democrats Voting Rights Allegations

( – One of America’s top elected Republican Black leaders is irate at the Democratic Party. He’s not the first Black person to call out Democrats, but he’s one of the nation’s top elected Black leaders who are currently saying enough is enough. Mark Robinson is North Carolina’s first Black lieutenant governor. In a passionate speech before the US House Judiciary subcommittee, he articulately destroyed the Democratic position on voter ID and common-sense election reform laws, saying he’s tired of Democrats using race to push a liberal agenda.

Democrats claim that Georgia’s new election reform law is racist and restrictive because it requires identification for both absentee and in-person voters. A few weeks ago, President Joe Biden said the bill was reminiscent of Jim Crow-era laws. His mischaracterization even earned a reprimand in the liberal Washington Post. Robinson said the Democrats’ positions were “preposterous” and “insulting” and wondered why people weren’t proud of the accomplishments of Black people’s progress in America.

What Are We to Believe?

Robinson emphasized that the Democratic politicians are not interested in hearing the voices of Black Americans. Instead, they are interested in using narratives to manipulate people so that they can keep their power. It’s difficult to argue with the lieutenant governor’s point.

He asked if he is supposed to believe that after African Americans overcame slavery, won the civil rights movement, and sit at the highest levels of government, that Black voters can’t “figure out how to get a free ID to secure their vote?” He asked if Blacks really needed to be “coddled by politicians” who think people of color can’t “figure out how to make our voices heard?” Robinson added that it’s “insane” and “insulting” that anyone would believe Black people need protection from a free ID.

What we are to believe, according to Robinson, is that the Democratic Party isn’t interested in justice. It’s interested in an indefinite one-party rule.

Now that one prominent Black politician is calling out Democrats, will others follow?

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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