Black Rights Group Opposes Democrats Anti-Policing Bill

Black Rights Group Opposes Democrats Anti-Policing Bill

( – If you want a dangerous job that provides no legal protections and creates a bureaucratic nightmare, policing could be for you if Democrats get their way. On March 3, the Democratic-led House passed the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act on a party-line vote. It’s being considered in the Senate but faces an uphill battle. At least one major Black Lives Matter group is against the bill.

The Movement for Black Lives, also known as M4BL, opposes the legislation not because it’s dangerous and reckless. Instead, they say it doesn’t go far enough. The bill attempts to standardize national policing. Unfortunately, what it really does is cut police officers off at the knees.

Defunding the Police Without Actually Defunding the Police

It’s hard to understand what M4BL’s opposition to the bill is because it accomplishes much of their agenda. It bans chokeholds, strips police officers of qualified immunity, and opens them up to personal liability, among other dangerous provisions that could harm the communities that police serve to protect.

The bill’s ultimate effect could be an informal defunding of police departments by dissuading people from becoming involved in law enforcement. Wasn’t it the goal of the left to end policing as America knows it? This way, the politicians shield themselves from accusations they defunded the police while actually doing it in a circumvented way.

If you ask Democrats, that’s not what they are doing. They would argue that police work needs reforms to protect people from abuses. It will do that alright, while also ensuring no one wants to work as a police officer. The bill treats suspects and criminals as the good guys and brands the police as the bad guys with terrible motives.

What’s in the Bill?

There are several dangerous provisions in the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, most of which take protections away from police in the performance of their duties. Officers may lose the following protections:

  • No-knock warrants. In dangerous drug raids, who wants to knock on a door to tell violent, heavily armed drug dealers that the police are there to arrest them?
  • Deadly force. Proposed standards would force a police officer to hesitate during dangerous encounters. If the exact procedures outlined aren’t followed, police could be held accountable for “gross negligence” for defending themselves.
  • Qualified immunity. Of all the jobs that get legal immunity, policing is the most dangerous by far. Yet, Democrats want to take it away and provide anyone, including the bad guys, the ability to sue a police officer personally.

That’s just the beginning. There are dozens of provisions in the legislation that could pressure police officers to retire early, leave the profession, or stop someone from joining law enforcement altogether.

Ultimately, the bill treats suspects and criminals as the good guys and brands the police as the bad guys with terrible motives.

It makes one wonder, what else could the M4BL want?

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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