Blistering New Ad Says Biden “Secretly Received Millions”

Blistering New Ad Says Biden

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) hopes to defeat former President Donald Trump in the primary and become the GOP nominee in 2024. Never Back Down, the super PAC supporting his bid for the White House, recently released two blistering ads hitting President Joe Biden.

In one of the new ads, the PAC claimed Biden’s “crime family cashed in” on the president’s “influence and power.” It goes on to say the POTUS and his son, Hunter Biden, “secretly received millions of dollars in bribes from the gas company Burisma.” It dredges up the allegation that President Biden, while serving as vice president, “bribed” the former Ukrainian president to fire a prosecutor who was allegedly trying to investigate the company.

Republicans investigated the allegations related to the prosecutor during Trump’s administration. In September 2020, right before Americans headed to the polls, the GOP-controlled Senate found no evidence of wrongdoing. The key findings of the report did say officials in former President Barack Obama’s administration admitted it was awkward that Hunter Biden served on the Burisma board and believed it enabled a Russian disinformation campaign. All of the witnesses who were questioned admitted no foreign policy was altered to help Hunter. The DOJ under Trump also did not bring any charges against Biden or his family.

Never Back Down released another ad slamming the Biden Administration over Trump’s indictment and arrest. The ad accused the president of having his political opponent arrested. DeSantis promises to fire FBI Director Christopher Wray if he is elected. Wray’s agents are the ones who raided Trump’s house last August, before he announced his White House bid, and found hundreds of classified documents.

DeSantis has previously said that he will stop treating the Department of Justice and FBI as independent agencies, CNN reported. “They are not independent agencies,” he said. “They answer to the elected [POTUS].”

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