BLM Makes Outrageous Demands

BLM Makes Outrageous Demands

( – Some in the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement are no longer calling for equity and fairness in the mold of Martin Luther King, Jr. Instead, they want people’s possession, even if they have to take them by force.

Earlier in the week, a group of demonstrators in Seattle demanded white people give up their homes. They claim gentrification, the process of restoring unfit properties and rebuilding communities, drove them and their parents out of their homes and communities. However, instead of protesting in the streets, they selectively targeted and harassed homeowners.

This is part of a long-term coordinated strategy by BLM leadership. In 2017, Chanelle Helm, a leader in the movement, demanded white people “give” their property to a Black person to prove they weren’t racist. She encouraged those without family to put a Black person who comes from generational poverty in a legal will as another way to give them their home.

In Chicago, one BLM organizer said she fully supported the looting of retail stores. When asked why by a local reporter, the organizer said looting is “reparations.” She said Macy’s, Gucci’s, and PNC Bank are not in the community for the Black people. They’re part of the problem of gentrification and pushing Black people out. She justified it further by saying unemployment is sky high and leaders don’t care about their suffering. That’s despite the fact that Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is Black and that prior to the COVID-19 pandemic unemployment rates for Blacks were at an all-time low.

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