BLM Movement Undermines the Foundation of Civilization

BLM Movement Undermines the Foundation of Civilization

( – Yes, Black lives matter, as all lives do. However, when it comes to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, actions speak louder than words, and the picture they paint is far from altruistic. They’re exploitive and manipulative at their core, as Attorney General William Barr and civil rights attorney Leo Terrell recently pointed out.

During a September 16 event hosted at Michigan’s Hillsdale College, AG Barr began by saying, “The rule of law is the foundation of civilization.” Relating the concept to the BLM movement, he stated no one could argue against the merit of the “proposition” that Black lives matter.

However, members of the movement “aren’t interested in Black lives,” Barr continued. They are only “interested in props,” people they can use as pawns to further “a much broader political agenda.”

You can watch the relevant portion of that event in the clip below.

“Black Lives Matter Is a Gang”

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell agreed with Barr’s assessment, telling Fox News host Bill Hemmer the BLM movement is straight out of the “Democratic [Party] playbook.”

“Black Lives Matter is a gang,” Terrell stated, adding they use black victims as props “to manipulate” public opinion in hopes of furthering a broader agenda.

Continuing, he pointed out the fact you never see BLM marches triggered by black-on-black crime in Chicago or New York City. Likewise, activists don’t cry out about the murder of black police officers in the line of duty.

As both Barr and Terrell pointed out, BLM members exploit the tragic deaths of black men and women to further the corrupt aim of undermining the very foundations of civilization and American democracy itself. The rule of law and civil authority demand justice, but not at the hands of left-wing extremists.

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