Bloomberg Goes Old School With Attacks

Bloomberg Goes Old School With Attacks

( – Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has decided to strike back at President Donald Trump after a tweet about his performance in the recent Democratic Debate.

While most of America agrees with what Trump said, Bloomberg has decided to ignore the Democratic rallying cry of “when they go low, we go high,” started by Michelle Obama in 2016 and repeated many times since then.

According to reports, Bloomberg paid an undisclosed amount of money to have billboards put up around the Vegas strip, near a Trump hotel property and potential motorcade routes prior to Trump’s visit to Las Vegas and Phoenix last week.

The billboards say things like, “Donald Trump eats burnt steak, Mike Bloomberg likes his medium-rare,” and “Donald Trump cheats at golf.”

Bloomberg might have failed during the debate, but with these billboards, he’s certainly proving that he has the maturity level of most Democrats.

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