Bloomberg Leverages Contact List

Bloomberg Leverages Contact List

( – Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is taking networking to a whole new level with his presidential race. He’s decided to use elite business leaders, along with other politicians, to act as his surrogates.

The leaders are part of a group called the Committee for Mike. The surrogates are expected to appear at events, publicly endorse his campaign and encourage their business associates to vote for Bloomberg.

A surrogate for presidential hopefuls is typically a celebrity or another politician who attends rallies or do interviews on behalf of the candidate. This practice goes as far back as Abraham Lincoln when he had a famous group of singers, the Hutchinson family, touring the country encouraging people to vote for him.

It actually used to be considered unprofessional for a presidential candidate to do his own campaigning.

If Bloomberg’s method works, we could possibly see more politicians doing this in the future.

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