Bloomberg Sees the Light

Bloomberg Sees the Light

( – The Super Tuesday primaries have now come and gone and the results weren’t so great for Michael Bloomberg and several other candidates. Now, as they nurse their political hangovers, big decisions have been made about where they go from here and it’s the end of the road for at least one campaign.

Bloomberg’s Dreams Snuffed Out

The former mayor of New York City (NYC) jumped into the Democratic primary because he thought that he could be the party savior. After dropping hundreds of millions of his own dollars on his campaign, voters still did not like him.

He thought that he had Super Tuesday in the bag, but only won one single primary: American Samoa. The former mayor did not win a single state, just that one US territory. Shocked by how much Democratic voters shunned him, he finally decided to call it quits.

On Wednesday, Bloomberg dropped out and endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden on his way out the door. He told supporters that he thinks the best candidate “is my friend and a great American, Joe Biden.”

The Rest of the Field

Bloomberg isn’t the only one who thinks Biden will win. Voters resoundingly chose him on Super Tuesday. He won nine states and now has more than 500 delegates. The former vice president’s campaign was on its deathbed before the big day and now it looks as though he may be the candidate for the Democratic Party in November.

Bernie Sanders did not do as well as he’d hoped. The Vermont senator is trailing Biden in delegates, but he isn’t giving up. There is talk that the Democratic National Convention is going to be contested again.

The same thing happened in 2016, with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. In the end, Hillary won and Bernie endorsed her, but it left a sour taste in the mouths of people who supported him.

President Trump

The president had no problem winning Super Tuesday for his side. As he won the states he competed in, he tweeted thanks to the people who voted for him:

His win was pretty much a given but the president still made sure that he thanked the people who matter the most to him: the voters.

There are still primaries to get through, but as of right now it looks like the president will face off against Biden in November.

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