Bodies of Two Children Discovered in Suitcases

Bodies of Two Children Discovered in Suitcases

Gruesome Discovery – These Suitcases Were Storing More Than Dust

( – A New Zealand family thought they’d gotten a bargain after buying the contents of a storage facility, which included two used suitcases, in an auction. Instead, they made a horrific discovery. Inside the luggage, they found the bodies of two dead children.

Last week, a family in Manurewa, New Zealand, signed up for an online auction of abandoned property at a local storage facility. The winning bidders bought and later collected the contents of a unit containing “kids stuff,” including prams, toys, and two suitcases. They took it home in a trailer, laid it out in their front yard, and started sorting through it. When the auction winners opened the suitcases, they found the remains of two children, 5 to 10 years old.

Manurewa police immediately opened a homicide investigation, and Detective Inspector Tofilau Faamanuia Vaaelua says it seems the children have been dead for several years. Agents are trying to find clues from the storage facility’s CCTV but say the time that’s passed since the deaths make it “challenging.” Authorities are checking DNA records and believe the victims have relatives in New Zealand. Vaaelua says detectives also have “positive lines of inquiry” as they try to track down the renter of the unit where the suitcases were stored.

The family who found the bodies have left home for now, and a relative is looking after the house for him. He told journalists the family would be fine “As long as everyone leaves us alone.”

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