Border Flooded With Fake COVID Kits, Cleaning Supplies

Border Flooded With Fake COVID Kits, Cleaning Supplies

( – US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are on high alert as criminals across the border attempt to capitalize on the current public health crisis. There continues to be a high demand for things like medicines, bleach, masks, and thermometers, and criminals have found a way to profit from it.

According to reports, federal law enforcement agencies have been intercepting large amounts of fake or diluted household products all across the US.

In an effort to combat and reduce COVID-19 related crimes, Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) launched Operation Stolen Promise. Reportedly, it’s already intercepted over $3 million of illicit proceeds across the country. 

In a time of crisis, when people should be coming together to help each other, criminals look for the easiest way to steal your money. Know what to look for and avoid becoming a victim. Stick to reputable sources — such as your pharmacy — for medications and remember, if it seems too good to be true, it likely is. 

Federal law enforcement is working hard to get these scammers under control. They’re asking everyone to be on alert and report any suspected fraud or criminal activity by email at [email protected]

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