Border Patrol Experiences Massive Number of Arrests Already This Year

Border Patrol Experiences Massive Number of Arrests Already This Year

( – When President Joe Biden took office in January, he immediately started rolling back former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. The new commander-in-chief didn’t seem concerned that the country was in the middle of a pandemic, he just wanted to make sure undocumented immigrants could come into the US. He reinstated catch-and-release, which forces Border Patrol to release illegal immigrants into the US to await their court hearing. He also ended the policy that made asylum seekers stay in Mexico while waiting for their court date. As a result, illegal immigration exploded and May was no better than the months before.

According to data released on June 9 by Customs and Border Protection, agents encountered more than 180,000 illegals along the border in May. That’s up from the 178,000+ they encountered in April and the 173,000+ that came across in March. It’s clear the massive immigration crisis is a result of Biden’s poor policies, too, because the CBP reported only a little over 74,000 migrants tried to cross over in December, Trump’s last full month in office.

Loredo, Texas Border Patrol agents reported a 1,000% increase in arrests.

Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Guatemala and Mexico this week to discuss the border crisis and she declared her meetings a success. However, her words and those of Biden mean nothing until there’s an actual decrease of migrants flowing into the country.

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