Border Wall GoFundMe Veteran Demands Fast Start

Border Wall GoFundMe Veteran Demands Fast Start
Border Wall GoFundMe Veteran Demands Fast Start

America’s best feature is our ability to come together in times of hardship for the good of all. We’re welcoming, friendly, and sensible — yet most of us won’t put up with the Left’s shenanigans, either. That’s why so many of us have been struggling to fight against Democratic pressure to stop Trump from building his border wall over recent months.
So many good people are stepping up to go to bat for the President — people like triple amputee and war Veteran, Brian Kolfage.
If the name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s the person responsible for starting an ongoing $1 billion GoFundMe to raise money for the wall. His hope? That raising funds would allow his non-profit called We Build the Wall (WBTW) to start construction immediately, the Left be damned.
Kolfage recently spoke to the press in an effort to re-broadcast the fundraiser and get the effort back into the public eye. This is our attempt to give him a hand.

Key Points

  • “So many people don’t know we are moving ahead with this project,” said. “When we start breaking ground soon, it is going to go gangbusters again.” That’s a reference to a previous statement where Kolfage told the press he’s actively seeking construction options now, even before the wall gets approved.
  • In fact, the decorated Veteran is already in talks with landowners along the borders of Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. He says they aren’t just selling him the land – they’re handing it over, free of charge. “We are going to be building this wall,” he insisted. “They are not leasing us the land, they are not selling us the land, they are just saying we can build it there for no cost.”
  • Some on the Left have raised concerns about the potential construction hardships associated with the terrain; as for Brian, he isn’t concerned. “We are going to go into [the landowner’s] property and build mile by mile.”
  • Approaching the project in segments effectively allows his organization to start construction now instead of waiting for full funding. This may be the key to completion; the Left’s biggest argument right now is that America can’t afford to fully fund the entire $8.6 billion project.
  • President Trump expected the project to require thousands of hours of labor and hundreds or even thousands of employees and contractors. This, too, was a sore spot for affordability, but Brian doesn’t see that as an issue. “Contractors have already lined up for the project and they want to donate a lot of their time and equipment,” he explained.
  • But he’s also quick to point out it isn’t about “one-upmanship.“ Instead of working to beat Trump at his own game, Brian Kolfage wants to work with him. “Whatever happens, the emergency funding is not going to fund the entire border wall,” he said. “We are going to supplement whatever they can’t do.”
  • Kolfage told a Fox News reporter that, “They (the government) (are) actively working in urban areas.” His non-profit will instead be “… focusing on these more rural areas where there are a lot of migrants coming through.” These open crossing zones, at least as of right now, allow hundreds of migrants to flow into the country virtually unchecked.
  • For the moment, WBTW isn’t focusing on fundraising even though they remain nearly $980 million under the goal. They’re busy engaging with the community and listening to the people instead. “We think once we start breaking ground it is going to start fundraising itself when people start seeing progress,” he said.