Born Alive Bill Passed in West Virginia

Born Alive Bill Passed in West Virginia

( – A new bill aimed at protecting the lives of newborn children passed in West Virginia on Monday.

The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act makes it illegal for doctors to withhold medical care to a baby if it’s born after an attempted abortion. If a medical provider refuses, they can now face disciplinary action by the licensing board.

West Virginia currently bans all abortions after 20 weeks.

Sen. Mike Romano (D-WV) spoke against the bill, saying that “there’s nobody doing that,” and that the new bill “isn’t going to change anything.”

If it isn’t a problem, then what’s the harm in making sure that it’s officially against the law? If a doctor is willing to participate in an abortion at any stage of pregnancy, their judgment shouldn’t really be trusted. After all, every doctor takes the Hippocratic Oath, during which they swear to “above all,” not act like God. If they’re willing to go against their own oath, who knows what else they’ll do.

The bill will now be sent to Governor Jim Justice to sign into law.

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