Boy Scouts Dropping "Boy"

Boy Scouts Dropping
Boy Scouts Dropping "Boy"

One of the oldest and most esteemed organizations for social wellness and capability, the Boy Scouts, has announced a plan to drop the “boy” from their name. They will instead become the “Scouts,” opening up admission to girls who prefer to join Scouts instead of Guides and other girl-focused organizations.

Key Facts

• The decision comes after intense pressure over previous years, including claims of sexism from the left, who believe disallowing girls is a human rights concern.
• The organization’s new official name is set to be “Scouts BSA,” which some suggest does little to please either left-leaning or right-leaning members. The BSA, in this case, still stands for Boy Scouts of America.
• Similar girl-focused organizations, including the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, have not followed suit. They do not yet allow boys to enter. However, both organizations do permit male-to-female transgender girls to join.
• BSA’s younger programs for children 5 to 10, called Cub Scouts, will also begin officially allowing girls. However, they have not announced a plan to modify their name. Cub Scouts also revealed that nearly 3,000 girls have signed up for their Early Adopter program rolling out in the fall.
• Declining numbers in recent years may partially explain BSA’s willingness to change. The organization’s statistics reflect a year-to-year loss of nearly half a million people in the previous six years.