BREAKING: FBI Re-Opens Clinton Email Investigation


Confirmed: October 28, 2016, Director of the FBI, James Comey, informed several chairs of congressional committees that new evidence had presented itself and that further investigation was warranted. A copy of the Comey’s letter follows…
The focus is back to Clinton’s private email server and Comey has no idea how long the investigation will take, but it does appear they can now freely investigate the emails “in connection with an unrelated case.”

In previous testimony, Comey basically called Clinton too inept to be acting with malice, claiming that “she wasn’t sophisticated to know the risks she was running” by using her private server to discuss government topics. A month later, he wants to investigate further.
NBC’s Pete Williams is quoted as saying that his sources are telling him it has nothing to do with her emails or Podesta and does involve a recently found device. Does this device have even more incriminating evidence on it?
The FBI has been under so much scrutiny lately that some believe this new case must involve radically compelling information for them to risk damaging the Clinton presidential run with such a high-impact report.
The Constitution has limitations concerning prosecuting presidents. Once she’s in, it’s possible that nothing but a potential impeachment will happen, no matter what. We’re in a hell of a position, folks. When in the history of the United States have officials been asked to decide whether the presidential candidate is going to sit in the Oval Office or behind federal bars? There really is no in between.

Finally, will putting off the results on the reopened FBI case until after the election make any difference for Hillary? Or, will enough of the public have made up their minds that there may be more to the case than she told the public? If she loses a few diehard followers and a significant number of independents, she will be in deep trouble come November 8. I’d like to think this is the October Surprise, but I believe there’s more to come! If so, you’ll find it here!
Here is a copy of the letter.

FBI Letter
FBI Letter

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