BREAKING: Is This the End of Biden’s Career?

The moment when a politician slips up and doesn’t mince their words is when their true self is revealed. It’s inevitable, especially with presidential candidates hosted on countless interviews and giving even more speeches. Like clockwork, MSM jumps all over every juicy sound-byte to blow out of proportion for the benefit of their advertisers.

This time it’s not just a statement blown out of proportion. Joe Biden may have just ended his run in 2020 at best, and ruined his career at worst. The former VP’s latest slip of the tongue reveals how racist he truly is.

Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids… [moment of realization] wealthy kids, black kids, asian kids…
-Joe Biden

Biden attempted to cover up his “accidental” racist believes when it dawned upon him that he just called black people dumber than white people. Joe attempted to equate all races and monetary statuses after the fact, but it’s obvious he realized his mistake. The Left keeps telling the Right that “they’re the real racists” when Biden demonstrates without a doubt that Democrats are the true bigots.

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