Breaking: National Emergency Declared

Breaking: National Emergency Declared

( – President Donald Trump is continuing his efforts to minimize the impact the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is having on the health of the American people and its financial markets. His latest action was to declare a State of Emergency for the entire country.

During the briefing, Trump said the order will free up some $50 billion in federal money to contain and combat the disease. He also announced that states and territories are to set up their emergency command centers and hospitals were told to implement their Emergency Preparedness Plans.

Also at the podium were executives from Walmart, Target, CVS, and Walgreens who, in cooperation with the government and Google, will be setting up drive-thru testing sites. The search engine giant will be releasing a program that’ll allow people to input any symptoms they may be experiencing and if those match the criteria for COVID-19 they will be given directions to nearby testing sites. This was accompanied by the request that people who are not exhibiting symptoms refrain from going to get themselves tested. Ignoring that request will only divert limited resources away from people in need.

Throughout the address, repeated stress was put on protecting people who are most susceptible to contracting a virus like this — the elderly and those with weakened immune systems. To that end, nursing homes were ordered to restrict visitors and non-essential staff from their facilities, excepting imminent end-of-life scenarios.

These are the early actions taken by President Trump, his staff, and advisors from the scientific community during a fluid situation. The president advised that issues such as which countries are impacted by the travel ban with Europe may change. This is an unprecedented occurrence for the country, and the regulations in place never conceived of it, therefore the government is in the position of adapting existing laws as the pandemic runs its course.

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